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General Shopping Tips

1. Before you buy something, ask yourself these questions:
---Can I live without this?
---Do I need it? Or merely want it?
---Do I already have something I can use instead?
---Can I borrow it from a friend or family member?
---How long will I have to work to pay for this?

2. To avoid impulse buys, imagine having to clean the item, or store it.

3. If you can, avoid the middleman.

4. If you need a ruler when you're out shopping, remember this: a dollar bill is 6 1/8" long.

5. Make it instead of buying it.

6. Substitute with what you already have.

7. Make sure you wear out what you already have.

8. Make sure you use up what you already have.

9. Stockpile when items are on sale.

10. Buy in bulk when it saves money.

11. Learn the sales patterns at your favorite stores.

12. Use generic when possible.

13. Shop at thrift stores, even food (i.e. bakery) thrift stores!

14. Buy merchandise with the best unit pricing. Bigger or smaller does not mean cheaper.

15. Avoid anything disposable.

16. Shop alone if at all possible.

17. Always check out the discount or clearance racks/bins.

18. Know your merchandise: buying poor quality at any price is never a bargain!

19. Why Buy? Use the 5 R's instead
Use "5 R's" for yourself, your loved ones and business.

20. Buy with cash only, not credit.

21. Watch for local motels/hotels selling furnishings when they remodel. This goes for other businesses as well.

22. Many stores have the policy to match their competitor's prices. If you see something in the newspaper that you want, but don't want to travel to that particular store to get it, cut the advertisement out and take it to your local store.

23. Make a price book, and frequently refer to it. Click here for more information about price books.

24. Use coupons if you have them. Remember to bring them along!

25. Send off for rebates to get items free, or nearly free!

26. Always ask for a raincheck. While you are waiting for the product to come back in, look for more of the coupons on that product.

27. Shop the Sales! Obtain newspaper advertisements and sales flyers for the stores you frequent; compare prices of sale items.

28. Check for "multi-purchase" discounts, or Buy ? Get ? Frees.

29. Some things are cheaper in a warehouse club, but not all. Check your prices. Here's a great article about shopping the warehouse clubs: Click Here

30. Shop Gargage, tag, or yard sales for things you are not in a hurry for.

31. Do not be brand loyal. Be willing to switch brands.

32. Honor your spending limit.

33. This sounds silly, but don't buy it if you won't use it - even if it is on sale.

34. Just because the item is on the end of the aisle does not mean it is on sale.

35. Shop with a calculator.

36. Check all product packages. Some may have special offers printed on or attached to them.

37. Frequent stores that offer free product samples and in-store coupons.

38. If you must shop with a credit card, use one that offers rewards for your purchases.

39. Watch while your items are being scanned and check your receipt before you leave the store.

40. To save time, compare prices online before shopping brick and morter stores.

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