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Offbeat Uses

Cleaning Tips

1. Dusting with a paintbrush can be an effective way to get into those hard to reach door jambs, etc.

2. Clean your windows with crumpled up newspaper instead of paper towels.

3. When cleaning windows, wipe the outside of pane with vertical strokes and the inside with horizontal strokes. If any streaks appear it will be easier to tell which side they are on.

4. Don't pay lots of money for Windex. Wait until the gallon size Windshield Washer fluid for cars goes on sale, and stock up. I see it in our area on sale for .69 cents quite often. Refill the Windex bottles you have, and save!

5. Are your shoes smelly? Here's a solution. Put some tea leaves into a pair of stockings and stuff each into a shoe. Leave for a day or two and the smell just vanishes.

6. You can clean grease or ink off your hands using vegetable shortening. Just rub it on your hands and then wash normally with soap. Also, you can clean stubborn stains from clothing. Rub a small amount on the stain and then rinse with club soda.

7. Make your own household cleaning products. Use natural cleaners instead of harsh chemical ones. I've listed some of my favorite homemade cleaning recipes here: Make your own Mixes Messageboard

8. Vinegar - Add to dish water to cut grease. Use as a furniture cleaner. Cleans and disinfects wood cutting boards.

9. Baking soda - Removes mildew from small areas. Use to clean tubs and sinks (won't scratch). Makes a great scouring powder: Keep in a jar with shaker top. Excellent for those with chemical allergies.

10. Clean your rings with toothpaste and old brush.

11. To remove grease from wallpaper, apply baby powder to a clean powder puff, rub, and spot disappears.

12. Cuticle remover will clear hands of nicotine stains.

13. Use Lubriderm skin lotion or Turtle Wax to shine your shoes.

14. Treat stubborn bathtub stains with a mixture of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide. By the time the paste dries, the stain should be gone.

Haleys Hints
15. Paint Brush Cleaner - Household Ammonia.

16. Radiator Cleaner - Tri-sodium phosphate (buy at paint store).

17. To remove sticky residue/glue, try one of these: mayonnaise,
peanut butter, nail polish remover, "Goo Gone", or any oil.

18. Tile Cleaner - Deodorized kerosene (buy at an oil company).

19. Use Benzol to remove tar, paint, and wax gum from your car.

20. Erasers will remove black heel marks on floors & Artgum erasers will clean bone colored shoes.

21. To keep the corners of your windowsills free of dust and moisture, rub a white candle into each corner of the sill.

22. If your polished furniture has small scratches: Try rubbing them with a shelled walnut. You'll see the scratches just disappear!

23. Keeping silver jewelry in a zip lock or air tight container will keep it from oxidizing.

24. As soon as you notice a spot or stain on clothing, stop what you are doing and take care of it. The sooner you attend to it, the better the chance you can remove it.

25. To clean glass containers - Use salt and lemon juice, and if the glass is not too fragile, crushed ice. Swirl these around until container is clean, then rinse with warm water.

26. What is the best tool for scrubbing a carpet spot? Another small piece of carpeting.

Make your own homemade cleaning products - click here for lots of recipes!

Laundry Cleaning Tips

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