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Career Planning: How to find the right career

In the current economic climate we are experiencing in the world many people find themselves unemployed or even more commonly "under-employed". Many individuals have chosen to return to school to continue their education in an effort to compete for employment or a higher paying job. If you find yourself among this significant part of the work force you may have also arrived at a place like many others that have come to realize that a change is needed and necessary, but are struggling mightily as to the direction to take when choosing a new career.

To be sure this task can seem daunting, however; with the steps we will discuss and a healthy dose of hard work and determination, you will be able to navigate through the many decision and career choices as well as being able to put a plan in place that will enable you to achieve success as well as your dreams.

Helpful Resources

First, be aware that there are a great deal of resources available to you to help enable you to make the best decisions. Every college campus has available to the public career counselors as well as other tools associated with occupation selection. In addition to these counselors, there are also a wide variety of career tests that are available for free online and can become a great tool when narrowing down choices for one’s career.

It is recommended that you take multiple tests which will ask different questions and will ensure you find the right career for you. As you review each test you take you will begin to see a pattern develop as different choices will appear consistently on each test. This will help to narrow down you search and will lead to a final decision that is based upon not only your talents and abilities, but also important factors such as:

Make A Plan

Once a decision has been made, it is time now to make a plan on how you are going to win a job in your career of choice. The plan will include critical factors such as education, grants and scholarships, family, and others. Next, set long-term goals first then short-term goals which will enable you to obtain your long-term goals.

Remain positive, motivated

Maintain positivity and motivation. Involve your family and friends in your goals. They can help to serve as a great motivation when you need it most. Although the road may seem long, it will be worth it. Keep your eyes on the prize and make sure to constantly be moving forward.

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