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Health: Three simple areas to improve your current health

Let's face it. As Americans most of us arenít as healthy as we should be. We like to use excuses that blame our lack of time or lack of motivation on the economy or how busy our day is. We even have a tendency to blame it on the weather. The fact is, it is up to us as individuals to commit to a healthier lifestyle. We will discuss three areas to improve overall health.


Now, if we are talking about the average American, we really shouldnít have to try too hard to convince them that they can improve their diet. To start, in most cases, there doesnít need to be a major or radical change in diet. It can be simply the little things that can make all the difference. Some suggestions might include:

One of the more popular excuses as to why an individual is unable to exercise is that they lack the time needed to set aside to work out. The reality is that if a person simply did thirty minutes of cardio a day, they would see a dramatic difference in their stamina and overall physical health. Those looking to shed a few pounds will be pleasantly surprised if they stick to a consistent exercise routine. However busy oneís schedule may be, everyone can accomplish this basic exercise plan. Remember also that oneís healthy eating habits and exercise plan go hand in hand; you must put an effort in both areas to experience a change in overall health.

Meditation/Spiritual Health

Studies have proven that often the mental and spiritual health of a person is just as critical to their overall health as is their physical health. Because of this it is recommended that every individual dedicate some of their daily schedule to some type of meditation or spiritual study. This has proven to reduce stress, maintain focus as well as provide motivation to succeed in the other areas of oneís life, including the physical health. By following these simple steps in these three key areas, you will experience more energy, less stress, and a greater appreciation for life in general.

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