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Money Saving Tips to Try
by Gena Everhart

This is a compiled list of many different ways to save money in all kinds of areas. I have used all of these frugal tips and can attest to their practical use. You may have heard some of these before. Hopefully, you will be able to acquire a few new techniques to help save money in your household.

Don’t waste postage stamps or envelopes – have you already pasted a stamp on an envelope and sealed it only to realize that you put the wrong contents inside or have forgotten to include something important? You don’t have to start over – cut a tiny sliver off of one of the short ends of the envelope. Replace the contents with the correct ones, then use a piece of tape as long as the now open end of the envelope to re-seal it. Lay the envelope face up on a countertop, place your length of tape over the open end with half the tape hanging over the end (half on and half off the envelope). Pick up the envelope with the tape stuck to the front and fold the tape length around the end of the envelope to the back and stick it down. This successfully re-seals the end of the envelope completely with the length of tape. Cut off any excess tape at the top and bottom of the envelope. Mail your letter!

Want to impress your boss with your savvy organizational skills? This ought to do the trick. Using a word processor – make a quick reference information card. This could be important emergency phone numbers or codes or anything else he or she might need when they are away from the business. Use the smallest font readable and include as much information as possible on a wallet sized piece of paper. This is a double sided information card so you can include enough information for two wallet sized cards. Print these, cut them out to size then place them back to back with the information side out. Place a small piece of rolled scotch tape between these to temporarily keep them in the right position. Take a roll of clear wide packing tape and tear off a piece longer than your ‘card’. Lay it down sticky side up and place your information straight down on the center of the sticky tape. Now tear another length of tape similar to the first and place it straight down on top of the information card sealing the card between the packing tape. Try not to get any wrinkles in your tape. Now cut around the ‘card’ with a pair of scissors leaving about 1/8 inch of tape on each side of your information card. Round off the corners. Presto – you can present your boss with a laminated quick information card to carry. This is inexpensive and not meant to be permanent laminating. Most of this type of information changes periodically anyway so save your original file so you can change it when needed and make new ‘cards’. If one layer of packing tape does not produce a hefty enough card – use two layers to beef it up. This, of course has many uses other than just at the office. Use your creativity to think up new ways to use this laminating trick.

Need new throw pillows for your bedroom, dining room or living room? Consider this – go to a discount linens store and pick out some cotton dish towels which match your decor. If you like the shape of your current pillows but the covers just need replacing, cut off the old covers and re-use the old pillow forms. Otherwise, use polyester stuffing or new pillow forms. Since dish towels are pre-finished, usually very durable and washable, they make great pillow covers. You can usually do some folding and hand stitching to close openings and no machine sewing is required. Inexpensive scarves can also give similar results though they are less durable. I made a perfect little ‘back support’ pillow using a 12 inch by 8 inch pillow form. I made a sort of envelope out of my dish towel and stitched it closed along each side. I slipped my pillow form in and folded the ‘flap’ over to the front marking where my foldover point was. Then I unfolded the towel and did a triangular fold to the inside on each side of the flap which made a point just like a true envelope flap. I folded the flap back over the opening and stitching along my flap to close the openings. Then I sewed two buttons on the point of the flap for decoration. I love this pillow size and rectangular shape.

Speaking of pillow forms – the next time you buy a pillow form don’t discard the plastic wrapping they come in. When you get ready to make your pillow cover – take off your plastic wrapping which came on the form by cutting a small sliver along one edge and remove the form. Use the plastic shape as your pattern for the new pillow form. The size will be perfect. I don’t usually even allow extra for seams because I like a nice snug fit. This does the trick without the hassle of making a separate pattern.

Mix your milk half and half with dry powdered milk which has been made according to instructions on the box. Chill overnight before anyone uses. If you go through milk in your family like we do in ours, you’ll immediately realize the savings. Your family will never notice the difference in things like cereal, etc. Most will never notice the difference just in drinking.

Consider using venison as a source of meat. During deer hunting season, there are many hunters who cannot use or store the bounty they are able to harvest. If you have a freezer, you may be able to find someone to process an animal for you quite inexpensively into usable meat. My husband and son both hunt and we use all of the deer that they harvest. We have located a meat cutter at a local grocery store who processes and packages each animal for $40 out of his home. I do not particularly like the taste of venison in roasts so we have him make the following from the meat – deer burger, deer sausage and cubed deer steak. Burger is used in all types of spaghetti sauces, hamburger casseroles, etc. The sausage tastes no different than pork sausage if made correctly and the cubed dear steak is prepared just like beef cubed steak and is wonderful. You really cannot tell the difference. There is a bonus in the fact that venison is usually lower in fat content than hamburger or even ground chuck. In fact, they have to ADD fat to the burger in order for it to cook properly (like hamburger). We love it and it’s much cheaper than beef. Besides, I know exactly what is in the deer burger unlike hamburger I buy at the grocery store. One word of caution, check out your meat processor thoroughly. Make sure they are equipped to properly process the meat. You want to check out the site they use, their storage facilities, cleanliness levels, etc. Just make certain that they take all precautions to store meat and use appropriate cleaning methods (look for a bleach smell as soon as you enter a processing area.)

Put the above tips to use for yourself today.

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