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By Mary Emma Allen

"Are the only coupons and forms found on web sites nowadays?" I'm asked, particularly by readers who don't have computers or aren't online. Although more and more freebies, refund forms, and coupons are obtained on manufacturers' web sites, readers still report finding some good coupons in the grocery stores and newspaper flyers.
*Sometimes these are located in special displays
*Other times they're in the flashing light dispensers along the shelves
*There also may be pads of coupons and forms attached to the shelves
*Some may be displayed on a bulletin board in the front of the store or near the information desk.

Look in Newspaper Flyers
Although there don't seem to be as many as there once were, you'll still find coupons and sometimes refund forms in the flyers accompanying newspapers. Usually they are in the Sunday editions, but some newspapers will carry them another day. Some readers mention that they don't find flyers in the newspaper delivered to them or those in a nearby store. It seems that generally these flyers are in papers distributed in higher populated areas, where there are likely to be more grocery stores and more shoppers.

Coupons & Forms on Packages
You'll still find coupons and refund forms on packages and labels of products you purchase. Be sure to check these out when you're selecting items at the store. Sometimes only some of the packaging will have coupons and forms. Also, read the labels and packages to see if there are forms and coupons inside. Occasionally you won't know until you open the package. So don't discard packaging until you've checked inside.

Web Sites Listed in Magazines
When you're looking for manufacturer's web sites so you can check out information about their products and any special offers and coupons they might have posted on the net, become aware that these site addresses and sometimes e-mail addresses often are printed in magazines. You might find this information on the actual ads in the magazines. Other times you may find a listing in the "Reader's Resource" or similar section of the magazines. Sometimes in a special section of the magazine you'll find toll free numbers for various advertisers. On the next page may be the web site addresses, as well, for many advertisers.

(c)2001 Mary Emma Allen
Mary Emma Allen has written a "Refunder's Hotline" newspaper column for 20 years. She also writes newspaper and magazine articles on the topic. For more information, visit my web site:

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