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Positive Methods to Beat Inflation

The best method to beat inflation is to SAVE. You can save by not spending as much - or save by getting more for each dollar
you spend - or not spend any money unless it is absolutely necessary. Keep this report as a check list - refer to it often as a
reminder and tips for eliminating or controlling spending - thereby saving yourself many hundreds of dollars each year. 

Set up a reasonable budget; stick to it. Don't buy on credit unless absolutely necessary. (finance charges will be higher than
interest you can earn in your saving account.) Pay charge accounts on time to save extra finance fees. Pay insurance on a yearly
basis, rather than quarterly. Buy generic drugs whenever possible. Ask your doctor to prescribe them. Buy prescriptions at
discount drug stores; prices will generally be lower than neighborhood drug stores. Buy vitamins from a mail order firm.
Live where you can afford, you can move to a better location when financial situation permits When buying an older house:
check for termite infestation and woodrot, sagging structure and foundation, electric wiring, heating unit, plumbing, hot water
heater, roof, leaky basements. Keep up proper maintenance on cars and major appliances to avoid major repair expense in the
future. Do minor repairs yourself.
Eliminate the use of unnecessary electric appliances. Check appliances before you rush to get them fixed. May be only loose
connection, accumulation of dirt, or something minor you can fix yourself. Check manual, warranty and guarantee. Call a service
agency who might tell you what is wrong and how to correct it. Check consumer reports at book stores or library for best buys
and quality before purchasing major item. Shop around before buying a major or costly item - you will get a "best buy" if you
check various locations. Besides house and car, the cost of food is a major expense in a family's budget. Here are tips that will
enable you to realize substantial savings on food. 

If your family is large, consider a freezer to buy food in quantity lots or when prices are most reasonable. But food in season
and freeze for later consumption. Do comparison shopping at various supermarkets to determine which stores have the best
prices on items you frequently purchase. Avoid buying convenience foods; prepare similar meals at home. Use cents off
coupons for any food item you need to buy. Buy house brands at lower prices.
Avoid junk and non-nutritious foods; nutrient foods are healthier for you and cost less. Get a recipe book for leftover foods;
many delicious dishes can be prepared from leftovers. Drink less coffee; switch to tea or lower cost drinks earlier in the day.
Watch the checker for possible errors; check the cash register receipt when you get home. Buy dented, torn label, or surplus
sale items. Buy perishable foods past the stamped date; store will not sell spoiled food. The item will be full nutritional and tasty
if used early or frozen immediately. Read labels and check weight for best buy. 

Make and repair your own clothes.
Save aluminum and sell to recycling plants. Cut down on smoking, drinking and entertaining. Save on dental bills; use the
facilities of a dental school if there is one in your area. For minor medical problems use the services of a local medical school
clinic. For home repairs use only reputable firms. Get references from friends or neighbors or firms they use. Check with the
Association or Better Business Bureau. Get competitive bids. Buy washable clothing; save the cost of dry cleaning. Save on
carpeting by buying remnants or leftovers if proper size is available. If you are a senior citizen take advantage of benefits such as
free checking, safety deposit box, discounts at stores, restaurants, sporting events & theatre. Avoid financing major purchases
through the dealer. (Chances are interest rates will be higher) Save on film processing by sending negatives to a mail order
processing firm. Buy floor samples (usually new guarantee applies.) Consider buying used items from classified ads or a resell-it
shop (refinish if necessary) Ask for an extra or "bonus" when buying larger priced items, such as free lamps with sofa and chair
purchase. (Stores will do this to close a deal.) An inexpensive method for skin care is to wash the face with warm water; while
moist apply petroleum jelly. Don't get tempted by the glamour ads for personal care items (lower priced items will work as well
in spite of clever ad copy that implies otherwise.) Take your lunch to work.
Organize or use a car pool for transportation to work. Don't rush out to buy a major item; wait for a sale (You don't have to
wait too long, these days.) Get gasoline at a self-service pump.
Add your own oil to the car.
Replace air filter and oil filter yourself. Leave car at home and walk whenever possible. (It's a lot healthier, too.) Read ads; take
advantage of advertised specials for any item you need. Buy wholesale or in quantity if price break offered and product will be
used up within a few months. Save on auto insurance by checking rates with several agents; you can save on discounts for good
driver, "B" average student, two or more cars, lower rates for similar or better protective coverage. Check insurance rates and
coverage on persons and property; you may get the same coverage, or better, at a lower price. Younger persons should
consider term insurance. Get highest interest for your savings; get interest on your checking account. Make long distance calls
during the bargain rate hours. Call an "800" or toll-free lines whenever possible. Buy in "off season"; Xmas cards and
decorations can often be bought at half-price right after Xmas; winter clothing costs less in July, etc. Save money on new
books; get them free at the library or wait until a paperback issue comes out. Be your own auto mechanic; take courses or
study manuals 

Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms.
Use lower wattage bulbs wherever possible. Consider insulation, energy saving doors and windows. (Tax deduction is allowed
for many energy saving installations and repairs.) Shut off rooms not in use during cold weather. Keep thermostat down; wear a
sweater, jacket or heavy shirt for comfort. Consider and electric blanket for comfortable sleeping with thermostat turned down
overnight. When absent for considerable periods turn down hot water heater; turn off unnecessary pilot lights. Save in summer;
use dehumidifier to remove excess water from the air. Consider a ceiling or attic fan for comfort in living areas and save on air
conditioning costs. 

Use budget priced hotels when traveling. Seek out free tourist attractions.
Share vacation expenses with another couple or family. Consider an off season vacation when rates in resort area are lower. 

Travel the least possible distances for a pleasure or shopping trip. Plan your route so that you travel less and save gas. Before
you borrow money, shop around. Get the best financing rate and borrow for the shortest period of time your budget allows.
Skip the high priced first run movies. You'll see the same film at second run houses at lower prices. Go to the barber shop or
beauty salon less. Someone at home can trim excessive hair or set hair. Prepare your own tax report.
Avoid "impulse" buying - purchase only what you need. 

All these tips will help you save money and enable you to stay ahead of inflation. You do not have to lower your basic standard
of living, make painful sacrifices or endure hardship. But remember, if you save just $1.00 per day, you will have $365.00 more
at the end of the year to do with what you want. Save $5.00 a day and you will be $1,825 more financially ahead next year.
Worth it? You decide for yourself. 

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