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How to Find Bargains at Home Depot

This article was originally an email that someone posted to a frugal discussion list. It has great tips for finding a good deal at Home Depot.

I just finished a stint of working at Home Depot and thought I would pass some of the tricks I learned for getting good deals there.

1. Home Depot puts out a flyer every month. Look for the special buys. These are items that they are getting good deals on. They usually don't make any money on these, but they use them to get you into the store betting you will pick up more.

2. If you are buying something like concrete, soil, fertilizer or any other bagged goods ask the associates what they do with their broken bags. They are usually marked down a 1/3 to 3/4 of the original price, if not free to get them out of the store.

3. Check Home Depot's prices on cleaning supplies and trash bags. I have found they are cheaper than grocery stores even with coupons and the "Zep" products are wonderful.

4. If you are doing a home improvement project utilize the resources Home Depot has available for you. They run do it yourself clinics all the time. In my area this summer they did a four week class on building a deck.

5. Keep an eye out for green tag reduced items. When they clear their displays they put the items on clearance. So if you love that blue sink but don't want to pay the designer price ... keep checking you may get it for less than a regular sink.

6. Remember the 10% guarantee! Bring an advertisement from another store. (Call your local Home Depot to find out if they honor this guarantee.)

7. If something isn't to your satisfaction ask to speak to a manager.

8. If you buy something at Home Depot that does not meet your expectations, or you do not use, return it. They have an excellent customer service policy and want your business.

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