Gift Exchange Game

* Everyone brings at least 2 gifts of a certain value ($5 in our case, but not always adhered to).

* All the gifts are placed in the coffee table/floor w/ everyone around them (no shaking/rattling the gifts).

* Materials needed are 2 pie tins and 2 set of dice given to any two people sitting across from each other (makes the game go a little quicker than 1 set of dice).

* Each person rolls the dice then pass the pie tin to the next person (clockwise or counter clockwise...whatever you want)

* When a person rolls a pair, the game stops and that person can pick any one of the gifts from the pile...the game resumes until all the gifts have been chosen. Keep the pie tin steady because the doubles must be verified. (People try to cheat at Christmas?!? betcha!).

* If anyone ends up w/o a gift, he/she may pick any gift from any person w/ more than one one's left out that way.

* Next, each person in turn opens one gift until all the gifts have been opened.

* Each person's opened gifts must remain in plain sight of the other participants; no hiding "favorite" gifts.

* Now the dice-rolling resumes with doubles again the goal.

* When someone rolls doubles, the game temporarily stops and that person may pick any gift from any person (even the person w/ only one gift because they'll have the opportunity to get another by rolling doubles).

* The game resumes.

* A gift that has previously been taken from one person can be taken again. Once any gift has been "stolen" for the third time, it cannot be taken again and is "protected". We set a time limit on this portion of the game...30 to 60 minutes, depending on the size of the crowd. We usually have 10-14 people and set the time at 45 minutes.

* When time has expired, anyone w/o a gift can chose any gift from anyone w/ more than one gift; third timers excluded.

* This part isn't in the rules, but it's fun. After the time has expired, trading and negotiating for gifts you want is permitted. And giving away gifts you don't want, to someone who does, is encouraged. We've been doing this for 10 or 12 years and it's always a hoot. Gag gifts (worth far less than $5, and often worthless) are fun ways to make the gift pile even larger. The family has saved many of the gag and worthless gifts to re-wrap and have for the next Christmas. These days, with 10-14 people, it's not unusual for the pile to be 35-45 gifts. We have a few truly "tasteless" gifts that have been with the game for years. It's always fun to find new ways to camouflage these so they get chosen.

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