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Last Minute Travel Getaway Plans
You probably know how much stress it is to get on last minute flights and work out including search for deals. Two techniques that work include call the airlines themselves and talking to them for a deal. They might consider it if that have vacant seats. Also you can use airline price aggregator services like to find deals.
How To Save Your Money on All Inclusive Package Getaways
Usually all inclusive packages are more fun and have better deals during the holiday Thanksgiving season.
Try Getaway deals from Travelocity and Priceline.

10 Savings Tips on gas - Save Money and Reduce Costs

Every car owner will be glad to find a way to save money on gas. For one thing, most car drivers think that gas costs are inevitable and do not do anything to help lower it.
How can I save money on gas ?

One good tip is to maintain your vehicle well and schedule regular servicing by experts so that your car will stay in shape and use fuel efficiently.

Another thing to do is to fill up your gas tank early in the morning or evening when the sun is down. Due to the lower temperatures, the gas will be denser and you will end up with more quantities of gas for the same price.

Driving your car wisely and responsibly is another great way to save money on gas because you won't be involved in any reckless driving which is normally associated with high fuel consumption.

Other Tips include:

1) Use Gas cards - Get a credit card that gives 5% cashback on gas, like that from Discover or Mastercard. If you buy gas at $3 and use a gas card, gas now costs only $2.85.

2) Stop aggresive driving and breaking hard. This consumes a lot of gas. Anticipate when you need to brake. You can save upto 37%. This can save you speeding tickets as well.

3) Cruise Control can also save money of gas around 7%, everytime you maintain a constant speed.

4) Idle engines consume a lot of gas. Turn off the engine whenever you can. Modern cars don't require you to idle, when starting up the car in the morning. Save money by reducing idle time.

5) Plan your trips ahead - Goto the post office, grocery store and car wash place in one trip.

6) Walk or use Bicycles - This gives you good exercise and you save money on gas.

7) Change air filter regularly.

8) Inflate the tires properly.

9) Park in the shade. Heat evaporates gas in the car and costs you money.

10) Use a GPS - Avoid travel other than necessary.

These tips amongst others will help you save money on gas.

30 ways to Save Money on Gas by Katie Couric in MSNBC - Video

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Article - 10 Savings Tips on gas - Save Money and Reduce Costs

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